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A Kite Surfing Innovation Company


Guzt started as a simple idea to solve the annoyances of traveling with many kites. The project began with a simple prototype fashioned from an old kite, which to everyone's surprise worked.

Guzt has created the first practical adjustable sized kite; this innovation allows the rider to change the size of their kite on the water thus ensuring they always have the best size for the conditions. Moreover, adjustable sized kites also enable the rider to own and travel with half the number of kites previously needed to cover the entire wind range. Riding on the successful design of the first prototype Guzt is creating kite designs that will make the sport of kitesurfing affordable, easier, safer and overall more enjoyable. 

Guzt, a partnership between Troy Schafer and Clayton Morris is patent pending on the adjustable kite and is continuing to refine the design to make the best kite possible before going to market.

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